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Save $100 Garage Door Replacement

Large selection of quality garage doors at very competitive prices. Save $40 off one new door and $100 off 2 doors. Brand name doors with a lifetime warranty for as long as you own thee home.

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Garage Door Services Royal Palm Beach, FL

Same Day Garage Door Repair For Royal Palm Beach

Best door service in town. If you door is not opening, chances are good that your problem may be the garage door opener may need replacement. Most openers last up to 5-10 years depending where you live, usage and brand and quality of the door opener you own. In Florida, the salt from the ocean tends to cause the garage openers to need replacement more often, especially those homeowners living near the ocean.

All our trucks are stocked with garage door openers and we sell Genie garage openers along with several heavy duty garage openers to our customers along with installation. Keeping up with garage maintenance on your garage door will increase the life of the garage door. Remember, the garage door is heavy and proper lubrication for the rollers and alignment of the rails will cause the door to work more smoothly and openers will last longer.

Garage Door Services Royal Palm Beach, FL All our garage door repair service personal in the Royal Palm Beach, FL area are trained in all aspects of garage door repair. If you need a new garage door opener, we stock them and can install a new Genie opener or heavy duty opener immediately. We are trained to find any obstacles to your garage opener working the way it should. Lubricating all moving parts, replacing loose nuts & bolts, balancing the garage door is what we do along with all garage repairs.

Fast Reliable Garage Door Repair Service – Count On It

Our company takes pride in fixing the door repair and opener problems in the Royal Palm Beach, FL area. Sometimes the opener needing replacement is a symptom of another problem. We want to make sure that if we replace the garage opener that it will last. We start with full inspection of all the moving parts on the garage door and make recommendation for any repairs and lubrication that will enhance the operating of the garage door of your Royal Palm Beach, FL area home.

Replacing a opener for safety reasons or because it is making too much noise makes sense. Newer openers in the Royal Palm Beach, FL area are available that will be more efficient along with running noise free. Sometimes the noise is because we have not lubricated the rollers and moving parts. If the opener is making noise, it will stop working sooner or later. It is a good idea to replace it sooner before you cannot get the car out of the garage. Call for fast same day service in the Royal Palm Beach, FL area.